Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Foods

Andy Ellison



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Sorry if it takes a second to looks better this way


Ahoy internet!
Many thanks to your comments of approval, I'm very glad people like what they see.
I'm asking for a tiny favor. If you feel so inclined, I would be for ever appreciative.
Please comment about one of the scans you've seen and describe briefly what it reminded you of / made you think of/ feel like. I believe people see tons and tons of different things in the complexities of some of the scans and I'd love to hear what they are. Thats all...many many many thanks. I'll keep you all appraised as to what I decide to do with this information.


Bell pepper again, better this time

If you've ever cooked meals with Bell Peppers, odds are you've come across a weird little parasitic twin growing inside the pepper. Well as luck would have it, I managed to image one of those peppers, and we can see the strange little growth. After a little research I can't seem to find it being referred to as anything. If anyone knows what it is called please let me know.

I extracted the 'strange thing' from inside the Pepper and did a high resolution scan of's still strange.

I have Raspberries, Strawberries and Star fruit coming up...



If you look closely you can see a brightening in the scan in one corner of the onion. This is what a bruise looks like in MR.

Spaghetti Squash

at the beginning, I made the slices go slower so you can see the "Spaghetti" parts of the squash inside the pulp...see them?

I also ran some DTI and made some cool looking renders.

Then I cut open the squash and put a lime inside...yeah, I don't know what I was really expecting on that one...quirky I suppose.

MRI of drinking

My Apologies, I haven't had time to get any new fruits/veggies, so I thought I'd post this MRI animation of me swallowing powerade...gatorade, some sports drink. (contains manganese, acts as an MRI contrast)



I'm looking for suggestions on what to scan. Since the MRI needs checking for homogeneity of the field and reconstruction capability and what not, I still always have opportunities to scan interesting things. So I ask you: 
Do you know of anything interestingly rare perhaps that could yield pretty results?

I will note that pitted fruits and vegetables (peach, mango, avocado, etc.) tend to be pretty boring...which is sad, but alas, true.

Any suggestions would be fun and helpful, and Ill do what I can to get them done. Many thanks!


p.s. Eggplant is on its way