Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Foods

Andy Ellison



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Sorry if it takes a second to looks better this way

Amaryllis Bulb

This one is a little confusing, so:
Imagine you are traveling down the stock of one of the flowers 
and through the bulb, the two thick ovals on the top 
and bottom of the images are the flower stocks.
The following GIF shows a close up look at the bottom of the flowers themselves. I would have posted the scans of the flowers except they look just like the lily.

Pumpkin Tree

Happy belated Halloween all ya'll,
Since I scanned a Pumpkin already, I wanted to do something else and was introduced by my flower people to the Pumpkin Tree. Actually more like a pepper and closer to an eggplant. Here's the whole bunch.

Here is just one, I subtracted a noisy scan from it to gain some signal, so it looks inverted, I think it also looks better that way, for some reason.

Small Cactus



Spines are too dry and didn't get signal, alas.

Flower Scan : Lily

Three Lily Buds side by side.

Axial Acquisition 

Saggital Acquisition

New! Interactive 3D renders of Fruits and Veggies!!

My friends at just sent me over a bunch of amazing interactive renders of my fruits and Veggies.

They are a MUST SEE!!

You gotta check them out!


New Hi Res Stills, with limited GIFs : Tomato

Same deal as the cucumber, only partial volume was imaged.

New Hi Res Stills, with limited GIFs : Cucumber

So in order to achieve High Resolution, I couldn't scan the cucumber in its entirety, 
Here is the GIF of the acquired space

Not as High Resolution but a cool view anyway

Prickly Pear

This is a strange one. Actually nothing like a pear. Grows on a cactus.
Spin Echo

Gradient Echo

EDIT : I learned the hard way to handle these with gloves...
there are a ton of little spines on it...and they really suck.
So if you see some at a grocery store...handle with care.
They probably won't warn you. :(

Flower : Pink Mink Protea

Just in case you aren't aware of what this flower looks like...I certainly wasn't.